Jim is the director of Seacode Marine. 

Jim grew up in Fremantle WA on the Swan River, his Pop was a commercial fisherman on that river, one of the last to ever fish it.

He was exposed to boats and fishing while still crawling in a 17ft bondwood boat built by his dad and grandad.  Straight after school it was down on the river in a wooden dingy built by the same and thats how his passion for the sea and boats began.

Many, many family fishing trips between Albany and the NT while growing up sort of sealed that fate.

Jim did an electrical apprenticeship and then moved into the mining game but the sea still called.

He started a charter business in the Kimberley in 1998 and had several boats from 10 - 14 metres with 4 aluminium tenders towed along.

In this time while having several ali boats built Jim learnt to weld and fabricate aluminium and built custom heavy duty offroad trailers.

The rest is history.....

"I am proud to offer this multi function service wher you can bring your rig in and have the trailer repaired, a bilge pump installed, lights rewired, console made, hydraulic steering, repaired and painting done all under our roof.  Wheel it in for work and wheel it out complete"

The other thing learned in the charter industry was customer service.  Sadly there is a lack of service in many businesses today but we pride ourselves on striving to give our customers the service they will enjoy.

Your work is done by a fisherman who understands your needs.
Kelly is the backbone of the operation ensuring Jim stays in line and  ensures our customers are happy.